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What To Do If My Prescription Is No Longer Valid?

If your prescription is more than one year old or has no refills left on it, it CANNOT be refilled and a prescription must be obtained. Under normal circumstances, such prescription renewals should be obtained during regularly scheduled visits. In fact, one reason that prescriptions have an expiration date is to remind you to make an appointment with your doctor so the medication can be properly monitored. Good medical care standards require that a doctor review your medical record, and preferably examine you, before renewing an expired prescription. This procedure cannot be accomplished readily on a walk-in basis, since the practice is busy seeing patients with scheduled appointments and related tasks. If your prescription is no longer valid and you need more medication, you should call the the office at 805-546-9911 and provide the following information:

  • your full name
  • your sponsor's social security number
  • an update on your address and phone numbers in case there is a question and the provider needs to reach you
  • name and dosage of the medication, with instructions
  • the name of the pharmacy where you will obtain the medication

Please Note: There will be a $45 charge for any presciption renewed not during a scheduled appointment.

What To Do If I'm Completely Out Of Medication?

Remember to have at least a month's supply of medication on hand when you renew it. If you are out of medication, we will renew a few days worth of medication when you call if you inform the staff that you are completely out of medication. However, you should take care to check your medication supply once a month to make sure you don't run out; if your medication supply is low, follow the instructions above and don't wait until you run out completely. You are responsible for your own health care, and medication requirements.